Preyndo allows you an overview of your stock, orders and costs at any time. The web-based software
was specifically developed for managing rented equipment and consumables for the promotions,
events, exhibitions and merchandising sectors.


User-friendly interface

Fully responsive for mobile, tablet & desktop

Available in D / F /E

Customer-specific configuration

Straightforward material ordering at the touch of a button

Order tracking


Event calendar

Order today for a future event and the material is reserved straightaway. This makes for easy long-term planning.


Specify a value for your items, and keep track of your costs thanks to the clear dashboard layout.

Item entry

You can enter all the attributes of an item: size, weight, value of goods, photo, condition, availability etc.

Storage locations

Manage your storage locations independently. It’s easy to create new storage areas and transfer material.

User accounts

Create the required number of user accounts. This allows you to manage, order and create all items independently. Budgeting is personalised. Allocate different roles with restricted access.

Item management

You always have control of your current stock thanks to an intuitive interface layout and diverse filter options.

Delivery and return notes

Generate a return note at the point of order, to make it easy for the recipient to return rented equipment.

Item catalogue

Create your item catalogue with the required filter functions at the touch of a button whenever you like – you can optionally include an image of the item.

System features

  • Freely selectable number of logins with different roles
  • Straightforward, user-friendly navigation
  • Display an overview of your items at any time using the search filters and PDF item catalogue
  • Detailed item description thanks to diverse attributes
  • Reservation of material for freely selectable periods
  • Order summary each time for checking
  • Overview of reservations and orders as a calendar view
  • Order and reservation documents are emailed directly

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